Mein Neues Leben in Deutschland

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I finally arrived!

I finally got my Visa on November 8 and flew to Germany on November 9. It was a mad rush for me t he moment I got the visa. It was also a big relief that I finally knew if I was leaving or not.

The past few months have been very ambiguous with respect to my plans. I couldn,t move forward because som any desicions rested upon whether I was staying or going. But at last I have my answer.

Its really difficult leaving behind people and things. But at the same time a new life can really be exiting. At the moment, things are moving too fast at my new school that I don,t have much time to be too homesick.

Mike and Andreas met me at the airport on my arrival in Lübeck. After having my first German breakfast of different kinds of bread and different kinds of spreads, Mike and I went shopping for pillows, bedsheets, etc etc. Then we had my first German dinner at night. It was a huge fish platter with eel, and 2 kinds of fish.

I spent the night at Mike´s place then we all drove to Bremen in the morning.

Hochschule für Künste Bremen

The University of the Arts in Bremen was in a renovated port warehouse. Its near the river so walking to school exposes you to the cold (I mean COLD) breeze from the ocean. The building itself looks like a museum form the inside. The whole school looks like an unfnished building with rough walls and posts. The walls are painted white and the bricks are even visible in some areas. Then they have these metal railings going all over the place, giving it an industrial look, while still retaining a lot of personality. Then add a few really nice pieces of furniture and a generous helping og G5´s then voila!

The computer lab will probably be one of my best friends here. Its a large room with around 30 G5´s. Students are given an access keycard, this means I can use the lab at any time of day. 4 am....12 problem :) Its great!

For the classes, students are advised totake only 4 to 5 classes each semester. This usually means only 12 hours of classroomtime a week, but most of the work takes place between classes. Papers, research etc.

I have classmates form Palestine, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Russia and Thailand to name a few. Its really interesting.

The Weather

Its really cold here. I was warned repeatedly about how cold it is so I wasn´t entirely unprepared. I did find it amusing


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