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Sunday, July 09, 2006

People I Find Hard to Like Part 1

I'm generally a peaceful guy. I believe in understanding and patience. I believe conflicts can be peacefully settled if all parties involved would be calm, open minded and reasonable.

So generally I don't go around "hateing" people. Although a popular past time of artists and bloggers and most of the population of the planet, hateing someone is something I don't do very often.

Nonetheless there are kinds of people that I generally feel uncomfortable with, and some I even think of with disdain. Let's go down on the list shall we?

1) Religious Fundamentalists, Conservative Christians, etc

These kinds of people I feel really uncomfortable with. I never really know what to talk about when I'm with someone who's really strongminded about his/her religion. Ofcourse having spend most of my time in a Jesuit school, I have known and made friends with a number of priests and brothers and religious educators. I have nothing against them. Most of them really seemed like open minded people who understood the variety of human condition and did not mentally condemn anyone who didn't share their view on life.

With fundamentalists, or close minded people, or people who already have such a clear view of what the world should be and how people should behave, I feel that I really have nothing to say to them. What's the point?

2) Illogical People

These are people who make really bad arguements. One of the most annoying peice of argument I constantly hear is this:

"How can you say that (Object or Person in question) is (negative adjective)? Lets see if you can do any better!"

This one I just don't understand. When I criticize a peice of work I'm not claiming to be better than the artist (well, sometimes i do hehe). I'm expressing an opinion on an aspect of the work that I feel could have been made better. I've never written a novel (yet) but I sure as hell can tell if a novel is really bad.

(I apologize for using the expression "as sure as hell". That one really doesn't make sense after I thought about it. What is so sure about hell anyway?)

I read a comment on a picture of a model on the internet and someone commented that the model was a bit fat or the ears looked funny or something. Another person commented with something like:

"Oh yeah, well show us your face and body and lets see if you're any better. I bet your fat and ugly!"

My reaction to that is a bizzare, twisted, facial expression of mixed emotion and expression (mostly confusion) that is undescribable on text.

On the other hand I really enjoy being around illogical but instinctive and intuitive people. Those who area ble to listen to their insticts and inner voice. I wish I could do that.


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