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Thursday, June 02, 2005

future of Manila

I received a forwared email that contained a series of digitally modified pictures shwoing the potential future of Manila. Some of the pics are included below (along with the image descriptions in the email:

Image hosted by Image hosted by

The main email opened with the line "Let us all hope we live to see these become a reality."

Lets "Hope" for this future? I was really shocked (the emial had one of those long list of recepients, haveing been forwarded several times around the country, so appartently a lot of people found it interesting).

Is THIS how we want to see Manila in the future? Pugad Baboy did a pun at the increasing obsession of manila with flyovers. Creator Pol media drew a futuristic manila that was crawling with flyovers. It was funny then. Interestingly enough, its not so different from the pictures I have here. But now we have people who HOPE to see this become a reality....

WHY!? Because it looks progressive? Because it looks like San Francisco? Because its modern? I think it looks depressing. It looks like a city where people don't know who they are or what their doing, but as long as it LOOKS like they're doing something

Don't get me started on "it will solve the traffic problems". My dear friend, traffic problems are casued by lack of discippline, and building more flyovers is like using a band aid to cure a stab wound.

People have been obsessed with a kind of future thats been sold to them by contemporary culture. We use devices to help us do more things, be in more places,

...not finished....