Mein Neues Leben in Deutschland

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm currently addicted to YouTube. It's a web based depository of videos of just about anything. They have a slogan "Broadcast yourself" In it you'll find anthing from TV captures, to people's home made funny videos, to independent short films.

This is truly the age on new media. The lines between the producers and consumers are blurred. Where anyone, anywhere has the potential to produce a peice of music, a movie, a digital creation and be known across the globe.

This from the book Massive Change:

Advances in technology have indeed given capacity to the consumer. Mc Luhan said the photocopier makes averyone a publisher. Now with digital video editing software, everyone's a filmmaker; with Flash everyone's an animator; and with e-bay, everyone's both a buyer and seller.

Authorship itself has new meaning. No longer does a peice belong to one person. Any new media object can be re-edited, reproduced, and re-distributed (It's a popular practice among media hobbyists to combine elements of film, television, and music from the internet and produce new original music videos and self made videos with copied as well as original music). The same peice is later re-circulated on different sharing networks, the new author long lost, replaced by a poster (as in the one who posted).

Wikipedia broke the monopoly of information previously held by encyclopedia "experts". (On downside, when I go online to research post-modernism, I may unwittingly cite as reference something written by my college freshman cousin)

....unfinished (And judging by the amount of unfinished posts I have so far...might remain unfinished)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sleep is no longer a distant memory

I was able to sleep last night. It felt so good. I can't believe what I've been missing out by not doing that every night.

I just finished working on my installations for Hochschultage which is the open-house of the University of the Arts that I attend. I practically didn't sleep for days trying to finish my work. The worst part was on the day of the opening of the exhibits, at 6 am, after working 2 days without sleep or going home, I foolishly decided to go home and change then go back to school to do the final touches to my work. As I should have realized, by body was not gonna have any of it. I fell asleep as soon as I entered my room, and woke up at 3 pm, thereby not being able to set up 2 of my installations on opening day.

I still feel bad about it. I was able to set it up for the next day but the damage is done. My reputation and my pride took a big blow this time. It's almost as if I worked for nothing the past weeks. It may take time before I can really get over this thing. Oh well.

Here's a picture of one of my late installations. Its an interactive peice wher the user can navigate a 3-D space by moving a candle in real space. The webcam tracks the position of the candle.