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Friday, January 07, 2005

In Memoriam

I get regular newsletters from Yoga Journal. I really love receiving these because it helps keep me in touch with my yoga practice with inspiring and well written articles. I was really touched by a recent editor's comment about the tsunami disaster. While watching the news in Germany, I cried several times seeing the images, and hearing about the number of people, especially children that were killed. I believe this article speaks the heart of the matter

An Exerpt from the Jan 4,2005 issue of Yoga Journal Online

Like many of you, we at Yoga Journal have been closely following the recent devastation in South Asia and East Africa caused by the earthquake and resulting tsunami. For us, this concern is both general and personal, as some members of our staff were traveling in the affected areas. But whether or not you know anyone who was affected personally, you are probably also concerned and saddened.

Yoga is a practice of union. Through yoga's teachings, we learn that we are connected to others, even if they live far away, speak different languages, and hold different beliefs. In the eyes of the universe, we are one. So when tragedy strikes anywhere in the world, we are all affected.

Each of us may respond to this tragedy differently. Some of us may wish to travel to those areas to give aid personally. Others may wish to contribute financially. Others may send prayers, invoke loving-kindness meditations, or recommit to their practice in order to bring peace to the world one person at a time. Whatever your personal response to this tragedy may be, we hope you'll find this week's articles about compassion and connection to be of assistance in the coming weeks.


Leila Easa and the Yoga Journal Staff


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