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Monday, April 04, 2005

Ich fahre mit dem Fahrad...yuche!

Today I learned how to rode a bike.

I know I'm a bit old for that. And it is a bit embarrasing. One of my more embarrasing secrets. Well, maybe not as embarrasing as not being able to play basketball. But I think I can get away with the basketball thing a bit longer since I'm no longer in the Philippines. Hehe.

Daniel, my housemate started teaching me one night when we were out with some friends at Lila Eule, a local discotheque. (i.e. "club" to us Filipinos). One of the guys decided to go to his girlfriends place so we had an extra bike to go home with. Daniel asked me if I could ride it home with him but I had to confess I didn't know how to ride. He said it was ok, and it was a perfect time to start learning. Sure, I thought. No better time to learn than at 3am, with all of us drunk and stoned. But we did anyway.

It did make sense later on since at 3am there were no cars or other bikers on the road. I was also too drunk and stoned to care that I looked like a spaz on a bike. But I managed with only a few bruises, and a lot of inebriated laughter.

Today Daniel invited me for another try. We drove to the country road in the dark (it was around 10pm) I managed not to fall at all this time (I was sober) and we went around 5 kilometers out of town and another 5 kilometers back.

It was nice workout to be out in the open air. It got really windy and started raining (and was really dark, we didn't bring lights), but I managed. (insert applause here)

In the times I was able to take my eyes away from the aspalt and look at the countryside, I thought it must be really relaxing to just take a bike and ride out there during the day.

Kwento lang.


  • hey ernie.. musta na jan?
    musta daw mula sa ece batch 2001.. hehe.. wala lang -fara po ako!

    By Blogger a n i n g, at 7:07 AM  

  • drink moderately. :)

    By Anonymous chris, at 6:32 AM  

  • Ernest, I just couldn't believe this :)

    By Blogger Hesti, at 7:48 PM  

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